Goddess Celebration - Liberation
August 5th, 2017 @ 12:00pm PST
Goddess Celebration - Liberation


Malibu, CA
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Each ticket is valid for one entry to Goddess Celebration/LIBERATION.  Includes all activites, playshops, massage, drinks, and complimentary meal.  Thank you for being an important part of the experience.  We look forward to celebrating you.

Goddess Celebration - Liberation


Malibu, CA
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GODDESS is first and foremost a playful exodus for women to let loose, be pampered, and share positive connections in an open, judgement-free space. The day begins with a relaxing yoga session, followed by a short meditation and guest speaker. Goddesses then get to enjoy a full day of of playshops, pampering, and more. We encourage everyone to join us for the opening yoga session, and stay until the end for a very special closing ceremony. Enjoy and receive your Goddess experience.  This event is for women 21+ only.
Complimentary drinks and cocktails are served throughout the day. Enjoy divine bites and other tasty dishes prepared by our Goddess chefs. Each guest will receive a complimentary meal with purchase. 
We've learned from previous experiences that parking in Malibu can put a damper on the Goddess experience. This year, we have made parking available just blocks from the event! Detailed information will be emailed along with your ticket. Shuttles will be running from the parking lot to the venue, every 15 minutes throughout the day. Parking is $10.  
We encourage everyone to arrive on time, and consider using Uber or Lyft. There is no parking or drop off at the venue. All guests will be picked up at the parking lot.
The Celebration takes place at a private estate in Malibu. All guests will be directed to the off-site parking lot for shuttle pick-up.
This event is for women only, with the exception of our volunteer man-servants who are there to provide massage, body painting, cocktail service, and much more. Each man-servant is well vetted and fully committed to the silent, selfless service of our Goddesses.
12:00PM - Doors Open
1:00PM - Yoga Social by The Xanadu Life w/ Susie Vanessa
1:45PM - Meditation w/ Nadine Casanova from Unfiy
2:00PM - Special Guest Speaker
3:30PM - Acro Yoga w/ Kelly Thayer and Leah Russell
4:30PM - Pole Dancing w/ Miyoko Rifkin
5:30PM - Hula Hooping w/ Lindsay Clarke
6:30PM - Live Music Performance w/ Hart Sawyer, 
7:30PM - Closing Ceremony
- Aerial Silks w/ Paula Vardo
- Henna Tattoos w/ Wanderlove Creations
- Macrame w/ Esmeralda Aguilar
- Flower Crown Making
- Tea Lounge
- Essential Oil Bar
- Body Painting 
- Complimentary Massage 
- Foot Bath
- Open Bar
- Bag & Yoga mat check 
*Not all vendors accept credit cards.
EARLY BIRD PRICE - $75 (until 6/30/17)